Private detectives in the agency Croma make investigations regarding:

• public morality and conduct of a person;

• data on the solvency and credibility of a natural or legal persons potential partner in a business;

• honesty of statements in the insurance field;

• Search and counter-evidence, necessary in trials;

• searching and identifying witnesses that took part at litigation events;

• other investigation activities necessary to the defenders;

• Search for missing persons;

• pre and post marriage information;

• fraud in commerce (bad payers, organized networks of companies for fraud, etc..)

• mortgage, cadastral, will, automobile, etc..;

• Investigations for the personnel selection;

• Investigations for absenteeism, betrayals, double activity;

• Investigations in the field of drug abuse and youth protection;

• goods subject to civil or criminal litigations, alienated to prejudice the interests of parties in the recovery process and their activities;

• protection against leaks of information from private life or economic agents who want to maintain its secrecy.

Investigations husbands:

• Verify suspected infidelity

• Adultery - sample photo - video - audio

• Method of detection and prevention of problems of torque

• Signs and symptoms of possible adultery or conjugal separation and guidance by a specialist psychologist

• Check pre and post marriage (morality, diligence, honesty, vices, hobbies, previous or parallel relationships, children from another relationship or verification unreported children, wealth, health problems undeclared existence, origin, religion, sex previously, plastic surgery effectuate, etc..)

• Check torque morality or vice partner

Investigation of family:

• Investigation on deviant behavior of children (public behavior, drug use and alcohol, violence, addictions, join the neighborhood gangs or religious sects, prostitution, possession and origin of goods and money unjustified)

• Identifying children out of wedlock

• Check children (Therefore, the conditions of care for minors in the other parent, locating hidden children of a parent to harm another)

• Identify sources of income and expenditure of the partner undue